19 - Auguste METZ (1812-1854) [1] [2]

According to Wikipedia: 

Jean-Antoine Auguste METZ was a Luxembourgish entrepreneur, politician, and lawyer. He was a major player in the growing steel industry in Luxembourg during the nineteenth century, as well as a leading liberal member of the Chamber of Deputies, along with his brothers. 

In 1837 the Metz brothers took over a steel mill in Berbourg and Auguste METZ became the maître of this steel mill.

In 1842 he applied for a brevet d’importation based on a French patent in the name of Jean Baptiste DECHANOT. The patent had been granted in France on 12 August 1840 and related to a 

Nouveau procédé d’affinage

The description of the patent application explained:

Le procédé consiste à lancer l'air chauffé au moyen d'un appareil fort simple et peu dispendieux par trois orifices ou tuyères dans un foyer d'affinerie dans lequel le travail des ouvriers affineurs se fait des deux côtés. 

Les avantages qui en résultent sont: 

1.) plus grande quantité de produits dans un temps donné, 10%

2.) économie de fonte, 10% 

3.) économies de charbon, 16% 

4.) amélioration de qualité par le faite d'un affinage plus complet et mieux entendu.

The METZ patent application raised two new issues for the Luxembourg authorities, namely:

  • the duration of a brevet d’importation as provided for in the provisions of the Zollverein to which Luxembourg had adhered in 1840
  • the amount of the grant fee, to be paid for patents covering only the territory of Luxembourg, an issue which had not yet been resolved since 1830

These issues were resolved during the granting process of the METZ application, and a 10 year patent was granted to METZ on 27 January 1843. 


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