88 - Edouard KUNTGEN-KIEFFER (1839 - 1882) [1]

Jean Joseph Edouard KUNTGEN was born into a large family, the 11th in a line of 15 children, born between 1825 and 1847. His father KUNTGEN-FOX was a marchand, négociant in the rue de l’Eau in Luxembourg-city. He mainly produced Drahtstifte.

In 1863 Edouard KUNTGEN married Apolonia KIEFFER, the daughter of a miller from Eich; they settled first in Clausen, then in Eich (1868) and later in Ettelbruck (around 1880); the couple had 8 children.

KUNTGEN’s occupation, over the years that his children were born, was recorded in the birth registers successively as Fabrikant, Mechaniker, Schlosser and in 1881 he was registered in Ettelbruck as Gutschaftsagent. He became an accountant at the Fonderie et fabrique de machines de Colmar-Berg. [2]

In 1866, when he applied for a patent his occupation was industriel. He gave his invention the title of: 

Roue de brouette en fer forgé

‍ The description that accompanied the drawing faithfully described the various metallic components and how they were assembled but failed to mention any technical effects or any advantages resulting from the novel wheel construction.

The examination was initiated by the Chambre de commerce, but, presumably, questioned by the examiner(s) as to the benefits of his invention, KUNTGEN decided to abandon his patent application. 

The Chambre de commerce reported to the Government:

… le sieur Kuntgen-Kieffer nous a déclaré vouloir se désister de la demande en obtention de brevet …


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