89a - Jean MEDERNACH (1834 - 1914) [1]

Johann MEDERNACH was born 1834 in Larochette in a family of Wollenweber, drapiers, known as MEDERNACH-REUTER. [2]

The Larochette Census of 1861 shows that Johann and his brother Adam had joined their father Mathias in the drapier business [3]. 

On 10 April 1866 MEDERNACH applied for a patent  for a novel


It would appear that he wished to obtain patent coverage for particular textile designs and for the method of their manufacture on a novel weaving machine. [4]

Since all the formal requirements had not been fulfilled by MEDERNACH, the Government pointed out to the inventor on 28 April 1866 what was missing : 1°) …; 2°) ….; 3°) … in order that the application could proceed.

One year later, on 19 June 1867, MEDERNACH submitted a description and two drawings to illustrate his invention: 

The administrative file does not contain any additional information. No indication could be found that the patent was granted.


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[2] In 1872 there were as many as 30 different manufacturing units in Larochette. They sold their products on the market held every year in the autumn in Luxembourg-city.

[3] Census Larochette 1861, page 72

[4] The description in German hand writing has not yet been transcribed …