102 - Pierre CORFITZ-MÖLLER & Ferdinand WALTER

CORFITZ-MÖLLER was the inventor of a steam engine for which his business associate ROMMINGER had already obtained a Luxembourg patent in 1865 (see n° 86).

For his second patent application, CORFITZ-MÖLLER partnered with WALTER to submit an invention with the title of:

Appareil nommé “Thermo-Transmittor”

Librarian A. P.  JULLIEN acted as local representative.

The two inventors had obtained corresponding patents in a number of Germans States (Coburg, Oldenburg, Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach, Braunschweig …). Alternative German titles of the invention were: « Verbesserter Romminger’scher Kessel, Apparat zur Übertragung von Wärme ».

The corresponding British patent [1] carried the more explicit title of: « Improved apparatus for heating, evaporating and decomposing water, oil, and other substances ».

The Chambre de commerce appointed as examiners Eugène LAMORT, ingénieur civil and Jules GODCHAUX, industriel. The two experts issued their short opinion on 18 March 1868 in the following wording:

Après avoir pris connaissance de la description de l'appareil ainsi que des dessins à nous soumis, nous nous prononçons de la façon suivante: 

l'appareil n'existe pas dans le Grand-Duché. Le principe n’est pas nouveau. Cependant nous ne voyons aucun inconvénient à ce qu'il soit accordé un brevet d'importation de cinq ans.

The Chambre de commerce faithfully forwarded the experts’ opinion to the Government on 27 April 1868.

The patent was granted on 8 June 1868


[1] GB patent No 272/1868