157 - Alexander STENGER (1830 - ) & Alfred WALTHER [1]

STENGER was a Mechaniker and  WALTHER was a Malzfabrikant, both residents of Strasbourg (Elsass-Lothringen).

In October 1873 they had obtained a patent in a number of German states (including Prussia) for a  

Malz-Keim- und Darr-Cylinder

They also obtained a corresponding British patent under the title of « Method and apparatus for preparing malt ». [12]

The abstract of the British patent reads:

‍ A cylinder is provided in the interior with bent shovels, which in the rotation of the cylinder withdraw the barley and malt and raise it so that the grains fall by degrees through the empty case in the cylinder, and are at the same time subject to an interrupted turning and to a continual ventilation. This cylinder has neither a passing axis nor spokes but rests on the pillow-block which is at the end, and on bearing rolls answering to the weight. By this arrangement the springing forward and backward of the grains and thereby mixing of the dry with the wet grains is avoided.

On 18 July 1874 STENGER and WALTHER applied for a corresponding brevet d’importation in Luxembourg. 

The application was recorded in the Patent Register but, other than this entry, no documents relating to this application have been preserved in the National Archives.


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[12] GB patent No 3,524/1874