161 - Gustave ELLENBERGER (1834 - 1885) [1] [2]

Gustav Emil Carl Heinrich Ferdinand ELLENBERGER was an économe residing in Darmstadt. He had designed an apparatus which he described as follows: [3]

Apparatus used for re­ducing, mashing, cooling, and preparing for fermentation such vegetable substances as corn, grain, potatoes, etc., when treated with steam under high pressure. 

The nature of my improvements consists in providing an apparatus which admits of uniting, in one speedy and continuous process, as hereinafter fully described, the four steps following, to wit: 

  • first, subjecting the vegetable matters treated to the action of steam in a closed vessel under pressure; 
  • second, effect­ing a complete reduction of the vegetable matters to a mash of the finest quality possi­ble; 
  • third, incorporating with the mash, while in the process of reduction, the malt neces­sary to prepare the same for the fermenting-vat; and, 
  • fourth, cooling the mash, thus treat­ed, quickly and without fail. 

The invention related thus to an apparatus to be used mainly by distillers and brewers.

ELLENBERGER filed first a patent application in Germany on 16 January 1875 under the title of « Universal Zerkleinerungs-Maisch- und Kühl-Apparat ». 

He subsequently obtained patents in the USA, Great Britain [3]  …, and in Luxembourg.

The original German title of the Luxembourg application was: 

« Universal Zerkleinerungs-Maisch- und Kühl-Apparat zum Dämpfen von Kartoffeln, Getreide und Mais unter hohem Druck, Einmaischen dieser Früchte, Zerreiben des Grünmalzes, sowie zum Kühlen der verzuckerten Maische ».

The Government, however, translated the title into French somewhat misleadingly as:

Appareil réfrigérateur à l’usage des brasseurs et des distillateurs

The Chambre de commerce wrote on 28 January 1875 to the Government:

Dans sa séance du 25 janvier 1875 la Chambre de commerce a déclaré se rallier aux conclusions du rapport ci-joint des experts MM. Mousel et Schommer et partant il y a lieu d'accorder le brevet demandé.

Finally, upon grant, on 1 March 1875, the French title given to the patent was:

Appareil réfrigérateur (Universal-Zerkleinerungs- Maisch- und Kühl-Apparat)


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