163 - Richard MITSCHERLICH (1834 - 1886)

In the 1860s Richard MITSCHERLICH and his two brothers Alexander [2] and Oscar were pioneers in developing processes and apparatus for making paper pulp out of wood.

The MITSCHERLICH brothers obtained a number of patents in the years 1874-1878 for their inventions.

On 25 October 1875 Richard MITSCHERLICH applied for a brevet d’importation in Luxembourg under the title of: 

Neues Verfahren zur besseren Ausnutzung des Holzes, sowie holzähnlichen Stoffen … 

The application was recorded in the Patent Register but no corresponding administrative file has been preserved in the National Archives.

The application was probably based on an invention for which Richard MITSCHERLICH had obtained a patent in Germany in September 1874 under the title of « Darstellung von faserigen Holzstoffen für die Papier-Fabrikation ». 

A corresponding British patent carried the title of « An improved process for treating wood and other analogous substances for the purpose of obtaining therefrom useful fibres and other valuable products ».[3]

The introduction to the corresponding British patent explains: 

The object of this Invention is to obtain from wood, bark, straw, and other analogous substances, first, the fibres (contained therein) for the purpose of using such fibres in the manufacture of paper, cardboard, millboard, or textile fabrics; and, second, to obtain and utilise the soluble matters contained in the wood or other analogous substances.

The Mémorial did not mention a patent grant.


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