167 - Otto STOCKHARDT & Jacques FRANK

STOCKHARDT and FRANK were founder shareholders of the « Continental Caoutchouc- und Gutta Percha Compagnie » set up in 1871 in Hannover. [1]

On behalf of their company, they filed on 15 May 1875 an application for a brevet d’importation entitled:

Nouveau tampon en caoutchouc pour fer à cheval

Applicants informed that they had obtained corresponding patents in France, Elsass-Lothringen, Great Britain and Belgium. 

Experts Ch. SIEGEN, médecin vétérinaire and J. KNEBGEN, maréchal ferrant examined the application on behalf of the Chambre de commerce and reported, rather laconically (SIEGEN drafted the report):

Nous soussignés … avons examiné les pièces y relatives et avons décidé qu’il y a lieu d’accorder le brevet demandé.

The Chambre de commerce passed on the recommendation to the Government and the patent was granted on 15 November 1875.

On its website the company Continental A.G. offers the following explanation for its connection with horses and horse shoes.


[1] presently Continental A.G., one of the largest tyre manufacturing companies in Europe