169 - Godefroid SIRTAINE (1837 - ) (1) [1]

Richard Godefroid SIRTAINE was an industriel residing in Verviers.

On 24 June 1875, Mathieu MULLENDORFF [2], conseiller de Gouvernement, as representative of SIRTAINE, applied for a brevet d'importation for an invention entitled:

Mode d’application des gaz à l’échardonnage des laines et à toutes opérations de désagrégation des matières végétales

Although the application was entered in the Patent Register, no corresponding administrative file could be located in the National Archives and no patent was granted.

It is very likely that this application was "suspended" or withdrawn and taken up again  in 1878 (see No 225). [3]

The application was probably based on SIRTAIN’s application of 8 November 1872 in France. [4]


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[2] Mathieu MULLENDORF (Familysearch database), who became in 1880 the head of the Luxembourg Patent Office, was related to SIRTAINE’s business partners in Verviers, Charles-Désiré MULLENDORFF (Familysearch database) and Jean Eugène MULLENDORFF (FamilySearch database). The 3 MULLENDORFFs were 3rd generation descendants of Théodore MULLENDORF, born in Luxembourg in 1716 (Familysearch database).

[3] Application filed on 2 November 1878 and granted on 12 February 1879, converted to patent n° 65 under the Law of 1880 on 23 September 1880.

[4] FR patent No 97,139