178 - Charles BORGNET (1819- 1901) [1]  & Charles DEMANET (2)

BORGNET & DEMANET had filed a Luxembourg patent application on 4 April 1876 (see No 175) for a 

Système d’application de l’injection à la combustion des solides pulvérulents, des gaz et des liquides

Six weeks later, on 27 May 1876, they filed an application for an invention under the same title.

The only evidence to be found in the National Archives for this second application is an entry in the Patent  Register. 

The registration of this second application was probably meant to correct a default in the documents that had been filed in April 1876, and thereby place the application in good order.  

Both applications were merged into a single application which did not proceed to grant (see No175).


[1] FamilySearch database

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