On 30 November 1876, the company UNGERER & GRIESSMAYER, Fabrikanten, Steinschleifer in Pforzheim wrote directly to the Luxembourg Government, advising that they wished to obtain a brevet d’importation for a

‍ Maschine zum Schleifen von gläsernen Gefässen

The Government replied to the enquiry by sending an instruction sheet for filing patent applications in Luxembourg. 

An administrative file was opened, but no entry was made into the Patent Register.

UNGERER & GRIESSMAYER did not respond. [1]


[1] At the time the company had developed a successful machine for decorating hollow glass objects and had obtained patent for this machine in Germany ( No 5,535/1878), France (No 117,423), Belgium (No 44,166), England (No 885/1877) and Austria (No 3,293).