196 - Michel MAY-PISSINGER (1849 - 1907) [1]

MAY was born in Ettelbruck in 1849 where his father was a Kaufmann (Holzhändler)

MAY became a Mechaniker, and in 1874 married Régine PISSINGER, born in Schifflange and daughter of a Hufschmied

The couple moved in with Michel's parents in the Hauptstrasse in Ettelbruck [2]. At the same time MAY set up an atelier in Ettelbruck near the railway station. 

‍ He sold sewing machines and provided repair services.


On 18 August 1877 he applied for a patent for a

Machine dite “hache-viande” 

The patent was granted on 17 December 1877.

There is no corresponding administrative file available in the National Archives.

In 1878, 4 years after having set up his business in Ettelbruck, MAY sold off his atelier, his machines and his tools and also two houses near the Ettelbruck railway station. [3]

MAY became a négociant. In 1880, he took part in the Gewerbeausstellung held in Ettelbruck where he presented Haushaltsgeräte und Gartenmöbel and in 1882 he diversified his offer of goods and services in the field of medicinal, electric and telegraphic equipment.

‍ In 1887, MAY and M. E. BRÉZOL took over the Clouterie in Bissen. [4]


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