208 - Gebr. BUZ (Heinrich Adolf & Albert) [1]

The BUZ brothers of Augsburg had filed a patent application in Germany on 18 March 1878, under the title of:

Zündhölzer mit einem länglichen rechteckigen Querschnitt

However, the patent application was rejected and no Reichspatent was granted.

On 20 March 1878, soon after the German application, the BUZ brothers filed a corresponding application for a brevet d'importation in Luxembourg under the title of: 

Verbesserungen an Zündhölzer

The patent application did not proceed to grant in Luxembourg either. [2]

Corresponding patents, however, issued in Italy and Belgium.

The BUZ brothers were successful entrepreneurs and founded in 1882 the company UNION A.G. This company was taken over in 1925 by the Swedish Match Trust, which still today (2021) sells matches  under the brand  UNION MATCH.


[1] FamilySearch database

[2] In the absence of an administrative file in the National Archives it is not possible to determine whether the application was rejected by the authorities or withdrawn by applicants.