217 - Paul BERNDT & Johann BALDERMANN

BALDERMANN was an inventor and BERNDT was his partner and manager of the common business in Finkenheerd (Prussia).

The partners had obtained a German patent [1] and a corresponding US patent [2] for their invention of a novel kiln in 1878. 

They applied for a corresponding patent in Luxembourg in August 1878 under the title of:

Continuirlicher Brennofen für Kalk und andere Stoffe mit Gas-Generator und Gas-Feuerung

The US patent explains the object and merits of the invention as follows:

The invention relates to kilns for lime, plaster-of-paris, bricks, glass, and other substances; and the object is to run them continuously, not to bring the fuel in contact with the substances to be heated, but to generate gas from the former, which, by means of peculiarly-constructed regenerators, is heated, and in this hot state mixed with air, which is heated also, to ignite this mixture, and to use the flames thus produced for heating the substances within the kiln.

The object is also to utilise the fuel to its greatest advantage, to obtain the condensable products of the distilled fuel, to burn all carboniferous parts of the lime, plaster-of-paris, etc., and to avoid the smoking of such kilns, which is annoying, and in some instances poisonous, to the neighbourhood.

The Luxembourg patent was granted on 22 July 1880 under the 1880 Patent Law and therfore, was not submitted to examination.  [3]


[1] DE patent No 9,267

[2] US patent No 210,834

[3] LU patent No 22