221 - Julius RIEDEL

RIEDEL was an architect residing in Berlin. He obtained in 1879 a German patent for « Neuerung an Wasserpfeifen und Cigarrenspitzen » and obtained corresponding patents in Great Britain [1] and the USA [2].

The US patent explains the invention as follows:

My invention has for its object the construction of a tobacco pipe-stem or cigar-holder provided with means to conduct the smoke from the pipe or cigar before it reaches the smoker’s mouth, through a liquid, either water or other desirable liquid, to cool the smoke and eliminate therefrom as much of the contained nicotine as possible, and to so construct the stem or cigar-holder as to adapt it to be readily carried about by the smoker.

The idea of first conducting tobacco or opium smoke through a liquid bath is very old, especially in eastern countries; but, owing to the fact that all such pipes heretofore used, and commonly denominated by the name of “hookah” or “nargileh,” are very cumbersome, and not adapted to be carried about in the pocket of the smoker, their use has been chiefly confined to those countries.

In the accompanying drawings I have shown in section several forms of my improved pipe-stems or cigar-holders ...

On 25 September 1878 RIEDEL applied for a corresponding patent in Luxembourg under the title of:

Neue Wasserpfeifen und Cigarrenspitzen

No patent was granted.


[1] GB patent No 3,893/1879

[2] US patent No 214,586