224 - Friedrich KRUPP (1854 - 1902) (2) [1] [2]

On 1 October 1878 KRUPP filed a patent application in Luxembourg for a:

Combinierter Flamm- und Bessemer Ofen in verschiedenen Formen

He had obtained a German patent for the novel oven [4], as well as a British patent [5]. The introduction to the British patent explains: 

The object of this invention is to apply one and the same furnace as a reverberatory and Bessemer furnace, so that, when in one position it may be used as a reverberatory furnace, and when in another position as a Bessemer furnace, whereby the charge may be treated as in a reverberatory furnace, or have air blown through it as in a Bessemer furnace; the operations may be carried on alternately as desired.

A convenient way to carry the invention into effect of combining a reverberatory furnace with a Bessemer furnace is as follows: The body proper of the furnace can revolve on its longitudinal axis, and is provided with Bessemer tuyeres on one narrow side of its oval section. A Siemens’ regenerator may be used for reheating, but any other arrangement for reheating may be used.

When the furnace is in a horizontal position the heating gases flow alternately on one side of the furnace from apertures of the regenerator chambers into orifices of the apparatus proper, and after having passed through the same they pass off through openings on the opposite side of the apparatus, and there re-enter the regenerator chambers on that side.

When the furnace is turned into a vertical position the inlet valve of the blast is open by an eccentric during this rotation, and air is admitted into the tuyere chambers by a pipe, and then through tuyeres into the fluid metal. The body of the furnace is sustained by or rests on rings, which rest on friction rollers, one of the said rollers and the ring forming the pinion and wheel, whereby the furnace is rotated. The supporting and driving portions of the apparatus being combined in this way, the wheels are well geared, even should the furnace twist, and the large tooth wheel get out of truth ...

The Luxembourg patent was granted on 19 March 1879 (with a limitation to specific forms of the oven). 



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