226 - Felix LOEPER [1]

LOEPER of Schoenebeck (Magdeburg) had invented a « button working machine » for which he obtained patents in Germany,  Belgium, Austria, Canada and the USA. [2]

A corresponding patent in Luxembourg was filed on 12 November 1878 under the title of 

Machine à façonner les boutons, pour fabriquer automatiquement les boutons en ivoire ou d’autres matières permettant le tournage

Th US patent summarises the invention as follows: 

The object of my invention is to so construct a machine for cutting, dressing, or forming and polishing buttons of bone and other materials that the button-blanks will be fed to the holder or chuck, turned or cut and polished and ejected from the chuck automatically ...



The application was not examined, and granted under the 1880 Patent Law on 14 July 1880. [3] 


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[2] DE Reichspatent No 3,343 and Reichspatent No 4,448, CA patent No 9,789, US patent No 222,923; it is interesting to note that the patents obtained in the non Anglo-Saxon states are registered in the name of his wife Elisabeth FRITSCHE.

[3] LU patent No 9