230 - Daniel STIESS & Henri BRAAM

On 11 February 1879 STIESS & BRAAM filed a patent application for  a

Nouvelle huile pour couleurs à huile, dite „Frankfurter Oel“

They had obtained corresponding patents in France and in Great Britain [1] and later they obtained  patents in Germany and in Italy. [2] 

The abstract of the English patent reads:

The oil or compound is composed of linseed oil, dammar, cats-eye or other suitable gum, wax, or stearine, and oil of terpentine: the ingredients are boiled together and then rubbed up with the desired colours. Wax may be omitted and the linseed oil replaced by other drying-oils.

The Luxembourg application was not examined and was granted on 28 July 1880 under the 1880 Patent Law. [3]


[1]  FR patent No 128,022, GB patent No 501/1879

[2] DE Reichspatent No 2,516  

[3] LU patent No 30