236 - Alfred KRUPP (1812 - 1887) (2) [1][2]

KRUPP had filed a first patent application on 6 August 1877 for a « Nouveau mode de fabrication de la fonte purifiée, de l’acier de fer ou produits analogues en grande masse » (No 195). By May 1879 the application was still being processed by the Government.

In the meantime KRUPP had filed 3 patents of addition in Germany relating to the process covered by the initial patent application. [3] 

He decided to extend the patent coverage of these improvement to Luxembourg and on 7 May 1879 KRUPP filed a demande de brevet de perfectionnement (Zusatzpatent) for the earlier Luxembourg application, presumably incorporating the subject-matter of the three German Zusatzpatente

The new application carried the title of: 

Verbesserungen und ___ des Verfahrens zur Reinigung des Roheisens

The new application was merged into the first pending application and a combined, single patent was issued on 17 August 1880 under the new Patent Law. [4]


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