Friedrich MARTENS of Stralsund (Germany) had invented a « Stell Kummet » (horse collar) for which he obtained a German patent on 28 April 1878. [1]

DEHMLOW & MÖLLHUSEN, also residents of Stralsund, were his business partners who, together with the inventor, applied for a corresponding patent in Luxembourg on 5 August 1879 under the title of:

Système de collier de cheval 

‍ In his US patent [2] inventor MARTENS explained:

The object of my invention is to so construct the collar as to adapt it for adjustment, and consequently to its use upon horses indiscriminately; and to that end the invention consists in the peculiar construction of the sectional metallic hame-plates of the adjustable collar, and means for locking the sections rigidly together when adjusted to the neck of the horse, all as hereinafter more fully described, and shown in the accompanying drawings.

The Luxembourg patent was granted on 17 July 1880 under the Patent Law of 1880. [3]

MARTENS et al. obtained corresponding patents in England, Belgium, France, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Russia, Austria … [4]


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