The HOERDER-BERGWERKS- UND HÜTTEN-VEREIN, founded in 1852 in Dortmund, had acquired in 1879, together with the RHEINISCHE STAHLWERKE, the exclusive license for the Thomas process in the Zollunion. [2]

On 7 November 1879 the HOERDER-BERGWERKS- UND HÜTTEN-VEREIN applied for two patents, the first one [3] under the title of:

Verfahren zur Darstellung und Anwendung von Ferro-Phosphor

The patent was granted on 29 September 1880 under the new Patent Law. [4] The title of the patent was amended to give it a larger scope in:

Nouveau procédé de fabrication d’acier et de fer fondu, désigné sous le titre: «Production et application de ferro-phosphore, de la façon décrite»

A corresponding patent was also granted in Great Britain. [5]


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