264 - Johann UNDEN (1828 - 1894) [1]

UNDEN was teinturier in Mühlenbach. He was one of the three brothers (Johann, Theodor, Karl) that owned the company « Société en nom collectif Teinturerie Unden » in Mühlenbach. [2]

On 25 November 1879 Johann UNDEN applied for a brevet d’importation for a: 

Système de peinture des peaux de mouton

In December 1879 the Chambre de commerce was instructed to conduct the examination of the application. 

A handwritten note in the administrative file indicates that UNDEN withdrew his application on 12 July 1880, and asked that the documents, that he had filed, be returned to him.

Other than an entry into the Patent Register, nothing else is known about UNDEN’s invention and the foreign patent « of import » it was based on.

Family UNDEN in Mühlenbach [3]

Johann UNDEN was also a local politician and was conseiller municipal (1866-1867) and later échevin (1867-1894) of the commune de Rollingergrund.

His nephew Albert August UNDEN, born in in 1873, who took over the family business, also entered into local politics; he was conseiller municipal of the commune de Rollingergrund between 1908 and 1920. When Rollingergrund merged with the city of Luxembourg in 1920, Albert UNDEN became conseiller municipal of the Luxembourg-city. 

The street linking Mühlenbach to Limpertsberg, more commonly known as « Papeierbierg », is named after him. 


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