279 - Rodolphe MULLER 

Rudolf MULLER was a Rentner residing in Berlin.

On 1 April 1880 he applied for a brevet d’importation for: 

Verbesserungen an Gasheizungen ohne besonderen Generator

(Procédé de perfectionnement dans les chauffages à gaz sans générateur spécial) 

An inventor by the name of Rudolf MULLER is known for having designed a boiler furnace which was also used in steamships. The MULLER-boiler used in the German steamship Grimm was of particular interest to the US magazine « Scientific American » in 1894. [2]

Whether the Luxembourg inventor MULLER is identical to the person referred to in the US magazine and whether the Luxembourg invention is related to the steamship boiler described in the magazine  needs to be investigated.

The Luxembourg patent was granted on 28 July 1880 under the 1880 Patent Law. [1]


[1] LU patent No 40

[2] Scientific American,  9 June 1894, page 360