282 - Harvey Klapp FLAGLER

FLAGLER, a Boston engineer, had acquired the rights for an engraving machine invented by Robert ATCHISON. 

ATCHISON initially had obtained a patent for his machine in the USA on 14 March 1876. [1] 

FLAGLER subsequently filed corresponding patent applications in the UK, Germany, Canada [2] and in Luxembourg, under the German title of:

Neuerungen an Maschinen zum Graviren, Schneiden und Ciseliren von Metallen und zum Schneiden von Holz, Stein und anderer Materialien

In the initial US patent, inventor ATCHISON explained:

My invention consists of a couple of tool-stocks, each carrying an engraving, chasing, or other tool in a hollow revolving mandrel, and made to reciprocate, at the same time alternately with each other, three or four times with each revolution for making engraved or chased ground-work on gold or plated jewellery, silver, silver-plated, or washed ware ...

FLAGLER was granted the Luxembourg patent on 28 July 1880 under the 1880 Patent Law with an added French title of « Innovations à des machines pour graver, tailler et ciseler les métaux, et pour tailler bois, la pierre et autres matières ». [3]


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