285 - François Marie Constantin FARRADESCHE (1843 - ) [1]

FARRADESCHE was a fabricant de parapluies in Paris who had invented a 

Système et parapluie à fermeture automatique

He had obtained a French patent, as well as a US patent for his invention. [2] 

In his US patent the inventor explained:

This invention relates to improvements in umbrellas and sun-shades; and it consists, first, in a construction of a spring-joint uniting the ribs to the stretchers, whereby the stretchers and ribs are held snugly against the stick when the umbrella is closed ...

FARRADESCHE applied for a corresponding patent in Luxembourg on 19 June 1880. 

The patent was granted on 28 July 1880 under the Patent Law of 1880. [3]  

The German title given to the invention was: "Regenschirm mit selbstthätigem Verschluss".


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